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carb / Filter

Carburetors are identified by their size, to the "venturi" is to say the passage of the valve. The smallest passage. Beware many title are false by writting about the exit diameter.

The fixing is quite simple — two screw with a width of 48 mm (any carb from 18 to 30) or a clamp of a flange rubber diameter 33 mm (24 to 28 mm Mikuni and Keihin any carburetor)

20 mm gas flow area

Fine for a 50 to 88 cm3

A small carburetor made the engine soft the is the best for a beginner children

Mikuni 22, Jinki 22, Keihin 22 gas flow area

Attention should be confused with the exit diameter which is 26 mm on this carburetor

Moltke 24/24 mm, Mikuni VM24, Keihin PE24 gas flow

Passage of flow 26 mm, Jinki 26, Mikuni 26, Keihin PE26, Delorto PHBH26

Take care most of the web shop show a 22mm as 26 speaking about exit diameter

28 mm, Keihin, UPower gas flow

All our filters are tested leaving them a few hours in gasoline.

This may seem minimal but it is far from being done at any manufacturers

Ref : 4162
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Not Available

24,00 €

Prohibited sales to the export by air (DOM/TOM)

Intended for cleaning air filter foams  MX, enduro and trial.

Ref : 3338
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19,94 €

Sales forbiden by air shiiping (oversea delivery)

Ref : 4030
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3,90 €

Length 1m

Inner diameter 5 mm


Ref : 439
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2,99 € 3,50 €

connecting 6 mm for 5 mm inside hose fitting

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