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ignition/left cover

All the covers have the same screw position. Assemble with a gasket is not obligatory but avoided that water doesn't fit when you wash the bike

The support is equipped with the coils located on the left side of the engine. The flywheel is attached to the crankshaft. 

This set is fixed on the crankcase when the engine is without electric start. The coils are is fixed into the cover when there is an electrical start engine. 

A small flyweel reduces the inertia of the engine. IT DOES NOT WIN POWER. 
The decrease of inertia allows the engine up faster. This is particularly noticeable in the first and a little less in the second gear and almost no then. 

The inner flywheel allow even more to reduce the inertia but raises very big problem of reliability for the red version. 30% defective. We refuse to continue to offer. 

The coil for light output eat some power. The creation of the electric current is made from the absorption of part of the electro magnetic force which is driven by driving the engine. Without the gain will be from 0.2 to 0.5hp

All pit bike without electric start have the same fixing and so all the covers are usable


All the CDI box are not same

No CDI pitbike is limited.

The installation of a "racing" CDI has poor chance to bring anything in gain

The CDI for engine with electric start are generally powered by 12 volts from the battery. This CDI mounted without battery ignition will burn immediately.

Ref : 3496
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Not Available

153,00 €
Ref : 3610
In stock - shipping within 24 hours
19,95 €
Ref : 2090
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12,00 € 19,00 €
Thread 8 mm diameter
Engine UPower, Tokawa 150-4 S, 160-4 S, 180-4 S
Ref : 953
In stock - shipping within 24 hours
18,90 €
Ref : 1232
In stock - shipping within 24 hours
14,50 €
Longer life if it is a true NGK (which the electrode is thin precious metal)
Less clogging.
Thread M10x125

A lower price is a copy, no copy here !
Ref : 1974
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Not Available

9,90 €

Suppressor adapted to small plugs of dirt bike and Pitbikes
Material Silicone high performance unbreakable, dyed, better sealing, racing looks assured

Ref : 4440
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3,00 € 9,50 €
Ref : 408
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9,00 €

Connectors in this dirt bike model


110 / 140 / 149 Tokawa 

Ref : 468
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4,70 €
Thread diameter 10mm
Ref : 6
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4,50 €

Candle heat index higher for those who open the throttle !

Thread diameter 10mm

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