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low eng./gear box

Identify a gear box without looking on type mark on the right crankcase, under the engine output, is very difficult.

A little difference as a 0.25 mm washer over thick enough to block all.

Attention to take care of do not disassemble the shaft without note the position every parts is very important

Only two models of crankshaft bearing

Piston pin 13 or 14 and rarely in 15 mm

Same left end on all engines without electric starter

Clutch a start any gear = allows to starrt the engine without to be on the neutral

Semi-automatic clutch = without clutch lever on handelbarr

Gear box is a set of pieces that allows you to vary your speed according to the engine speed. It is located into the crankcase. This set turns into the crankcase on bearings with oil.

The mainshaft is driven by the clutch and the countershaft is driven by the mainshaft. Change of gear on a pitbike is done by moving laterally driven forks quide gear they even on the drum's selection. It operates in rotation by the gear shift lever.

only two diameters of the shaft

two shaft types easy to recognize themselves from the picture

You don't have to change them as pairs

Ref : 3316
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12,00 € 22,00 €
Ref : 1797
In stock - shipping within 24 hours
14,90 € 19,00 €

22 teeth

gasket paper to the crankcase reference 4430

Ref : 647
In stock - shipping within 24 hours
19,00 €
Ref : 4023
In stock - shipping within 24 hours
0,99 € 12,00 €

Bigger threads in the crankcase. Less breakage and ability to fit this part in case of thread destroyed after a fall

Ref : 2484
In stock - shipping within 24 hours
7,50 €

Removed liquid, brake oil, grease and other residues of parts metal.

Avoid on the plastic and the surface painted

Net volume 500 ML

Ref : 2718
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3,50 €
Ref : 4413
In stock - shipping within 24 hours
2,90 €

the rubber to push

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