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market Leader US for 2009 thanks to the quality of his dirt bike, the Gary team provided an excellent job believing early to the effectiveness of the suspension rods adapted to the pit bike.

Dirt bike tracks, uses quite different there were guidelines to encourage adherence, the traction and stability.

In France and Europe we was riding on smaller tracks.

The race coming on MX tracks allowed to do the LXR the best racing bike for 2012 in France.

All these enhancements from the race allowed to offer a hight quality level for all the models Pitsterpro

These special bikes are all assembled for UPOWER workshop as only nice and power full


LXR powerfull synonymous since 2009

Ever improved this bike has won the french Championship 2012 constructor

Congratulations to the riders that have won 4 of the 5 categories of this Championship

UPower looking for riders to be his official team 2013


A bike that would want to play for beginners or for professionnal rider

Many options available 4 valves engine to the anodized rims has the color you want

Dirt bike Pitsterpro original parts. The quality constantly renewed.

Our model pit bike Pitsterpro evolve all year but we always keep the possibility to evolve your bike.

For example the forks of recent generations can be assembled on the models 2009

Ask us...

Take care that the LXR sold from others importer than UPower before 2013 are the 2009 US model.

A lot of improvments are on the UPower LXR dirt bike since 2010

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Nevermore available

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