Analysis of forks that we know!

Analysis of forks that we know!-dirt-bike-store
Analysis of forks that we know!-dirt-bike-store


2005 - inverted fork AGB27, SOHOO 2005 / 6:  tube steel, although for the price cheap.

- Fork AGB29, SOHOO PRO2, AM-D5/2006/7, TRADING 2006, CRZ and NEW PRO 2007, tube steel, hard to disassemble, some poorly machined series in 2006 in maintaining the seal of the cartridge. Setting inefficient.

- Fork THUMP while aluminum 2005/06: aluminum tube, progressive hardening in use to a lack of lubrication in the guiding sheath. Axel 20mm aluminum wheel. Length 605mm Max

- Fork FACTORY UP02 THUMP and 2007 aluminum tube, smooth on the whole travel, very progressive, effective settings. Wheel axel 20mm. Length 605mm (+ with extensions)

- Fork FAST ACE AS02 2006/7/8: tube aluminum, hydraulic right. Triple clamp 48/48mm

- FAST ACE AS01 Fork: steel  tube, expensive, hydraulic right. Triple clamp 48/48mm

- MARZOCCHI Forks 2006/7/8 OEM: original fitment KTM 65, YCF, RSR, Pitpro, Motovert, Trading in 2006 / 7: smooth throughout the travel, spring 4N/mm (too small for more than 65kgs) . Triple clamp 48/45mm

2007 - DNM HORNET CRZ140I-04/2007 Fork: Tubular steel, very hard, hydraulic defective due to a design problem. Triple clamp 48/48mm. Increased flexibility in the early running from June 2007. Remains far too hard to use the travel Max.

- Fast ACE Fork AS03-01/2007, 2007 138 RSR, 145: dip tube steel, hydraulics not constant throughout the travel. Triple clamp 48/48mm. This is not the upgrade of the AS02! Rather it is a less efficient.

- Fast ACE Fork AS03-09/2007, APOLLO 140AM-D6 2007: dip tube steel hydraulic effective all the travel. Triple clamp 48/45mm.

- Fork Zhengling (copy MARZOCCHI called STAGGS by whom) 2007/8/9: Chinese Fork of very good quality, effective adjustment. Cartridge Hydraulic crimped. Triple clamp 48/45. Length 610 to 730mm. RSR 2008 / 9, Trading 125SP4, Kaitham 2007 / 8, Apollo France 150 AM-D15 2008, 150 POISON II, PITSTERPRO.

- Fork MARZOCCHI SHIVER OEM with tuning kit: No anti-friction. Spring 4N/mm. Triple clamp 48/45 or 48/48mm with adapter. Length 660mm. Bidalot in 2007 / 8.

- Fork MARZOCCHI SHIVER KLX (735mm) : performance damping, black anti-friction from PITPRO.

2008 - Fork 125/150 POISON 2008/9: steel tube, spring right, hydraulic well.

- Fork BBR MARZOCCHI SHIVER (Marzo Made in USA): performance tuning kit, anti-friction and spring 5N/mm. Triple clamp 48/45

2009 - Fork NAIQIANG (copy MARZOCCHI called STAGGS from who?) : Chinese fork of very good quality, effective adjustment. Hydraulic Cartridge screw. Triple clamp 48/45. Length 610 to 730mm.
- Paioli, a small italian manufacture provide a nice and powerfull front forks for Bucci
2010 - Fork NAIQIANG without external adjustment: Chinese fork of very good quality. Hydraulic cartridge screw. Triple clamp 48/45. Length 610 to 730mm.
- FACTORY Fork 730mm  (fixings same Marzochi ), performance damping, fullly dismantled. Fitted on the french LXR.

2011 -  FACTORY Fork 760mm ( fixings same Marzochi ), performance daming, fully dismantlable. Travel increased to 210mm. Fitted on the french LXR and US from September.
- PAIOLI stop to do front forks for pitbike, Tech Suspension replace as provider for Bucci

2012 - New FACTORY front forks with 240mm travel. The 240mm allows to combine the flexibility of small shocks and performance on large jumps.
YCF show a 210mm called ENGI made by Zenling

2013 - Factory still evolving with an anti-friction DLC treatment