Reliability of an UPower engine or Tokawa

Reliability of an UPower engine or Tokawa-dirt-bike-store
Reliability of an UPower engine or Tokawa-dirt-bike-store


Your questions: Hello,
I am looking to buy a new engine and I would like to know which engine is the most reliable between 140 and Upower 149 ?  Thanks for your reply.


UPower answer : Hello
the 140-149 are reliable both
our engines have no problem of reliability but it's important to take care the points below :

- oil consumption
after 20 hours it may be necessary to replace the piston rings if you didn't care enough to clean the air filter foam
-gear kick that break :
should not open the throttle in kick-starting the risk of having kick back what can go up to cause their brake
149 has a stroke longer than 140 making it harder to start and therefore increases the risk of breakage of the gears if it doesn't take care of kick at the right time (see tutorial on kick back). The 140 and 149 Tokawa are updated and are great easy to start now.
the CDI must be a model with reducing ignition timing in very low rpm. If you keep from your Stomp 125 it's a trouble (more problem kick back)
-right crankcase that break on shaft bearing house :
This is because kick gear have broken (see tutorial on kick back)
-gear 3 leaving :
it may seem beast but we must use clutch to change gears. Without release will surely happen this problem
reliability of the engines is greatly better from 2 years with improvements on the clutch and the gearbox

especially check our tutorials on these topics here : Technical_service UPower 

Our engines are warranted against any hidden trouble