The problem of wheel spokes

The problem of wheel spokes-dirt-bike-store
The problem of wheel spokes-dirt-bike-store


The spokes move in tension because the wheel is constrained important, especially small diameters. A new wheel must be controled more frequently. Spokes need time to take their place on the hub.

It runs 1 hour or 2 and watch the tension''ringing''rays. It takes a key and you hit spokes on the mid of the spoke to ear if the sound is hight or down.

Down need to move up and hight is good. Hight is when it sounds 'dingggg''. The right torque is to the ear. All spokes should ear ''dingggg''.

If you continue to tighten more, they may break during ride. Never systematically strengthen all spokes. Only those who do not sound. Do not tighten several rounds 5 or 6 rays immediately without verifying the veil of the rim. It is rotated with an index attached to the fork with a rubber band and we try to limit the veil at least 1mm.

It tightens the spokes tend to the other side. Attention should go fairly gradually.

If you check regularly, noise, you prevent to finish on the hubs!

The wheels that break or fold :
The material of the rim, aluminum 6061 or aluminum 7075. Steel thickness or two layers.
The 6061 cast aluminium hubs with more or less material. CNC hubs in one or more pieces.
Not easy to know what you are selling. Do not rely on price but rather the confidence that you give to the seller's counsel. Call and ask him specific questions about his product.
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