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Set of gasket bloc and damper. 

Use 5w motul oil. 


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Ref : 4804
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Ref : 3916
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Cable for LXR and LXR - R chassis brake pedal.

Also for gear shift

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Bucci Minibike National 88cc GG 338 winner on 88-4s

Pitsterpro : Las Vegas 2013

The winner was Gauthier on its engine UPOWER 150-4S

Remember, pit bikes are bikes intended for approved.tracks

It is forbidden to use on public roads.

The european specialist for Pit Bike spares

Spare parts are sorted by family: engine, frame, racing parts, 1 euro, equipment.
Manufacturer for our Engine: Yx, Tokawa? Daytona, Lifan, Zongshen
Type of engine: 1P54FMI, 1P52FMI, 1P55FMJ, 1P56FMI, 1P56FMJ, 1P60FMJ, 1P60FMH, 153FMI.
In the pit bike engines, we have the parts: Engine top down engine, engine gasket.
You will find many items such as nuts clutch, Tokawa racing. A lot of models for pistons and seals dirtbike motor horizontal.

We work hard to offer suspension (shock absorbers and forks) more efficient and reliable. We try on the track with many riders.

Section includes some racing special parts to increase performance of your bike pit bike: internal rotor, carburetor Keihin, Mikuni,Molk and other high compression piston camshaft racing.

We offer also some specials parts from the service development UPower.

Our prices are always the lowers. If not to let us know.

Pit bikes are not registered on the public road. Their use is restricted to approved track For your safety use helmets, goggles and protective clothing

Take care.

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Gauthier Gourjault win everywhere with the engine UPower 88-4S : french championship 2013, 2014, UK champion ship 2013, 2014 and the CGO championship 2013 and 2014, waouh !


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