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Bucci pit bike brand is manufactured from an Italian artisan named Claudio Bucci. With his wife, Chiara, they have a true passion to win the races.

When the first mini dirt bike races was organized in truly Championship in Europe, their motorcycles became the reference for performance. Ride during several years by the famous frenchy Mike Valade and now Kevin Llamas and Gauthier Gourjault the pit bike Bucci flies over the races everywhere in the world.

UPower is wholesaler for the dirt bike Bucci for France, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugual.

Bucci win the french champion ship 2014 in the 2 main class !



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market Leader US for 2009 thanks to the quality of his dirt bike, the Gary team provided an excellent job believing early to the effectiveness of the suspension rods adapted to the pit bike.

Dirt bike tracks, uses quite different there were guidelines to encourage adherence, the traction and stability.

In France and Europe we was riding on smaller tracks.

The race coming on MX tracks allowed to do the LXR the best racing bike for 2012 in France.

All these enhancements from the race allowed to offer a hight quality level for all the models Pitsterpro

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Engine part

The engine type on the dirt bike is moulded on the crankcase under the output gearbox shaft.

Pit bike engines were all architecture inspired by the Honda Dax from the years 1970. The advantage is that the fixing points in the framework are all the same which ensures the perfect interchangeability.

LIFAN, the historic factory for pitbike engine : 88-147FMI, 125-1P52FMI, 120-1P52FMI-K, 125-1P54FMI, 138-1P54FMI, 1P55FMJ-140, 150-1P56FMJ

DUCAR, factory who sign early licensing with Honda but that was closed in 2009 : 125 - DJ154FMI, 140-DJ156FMI

Plant historically, JIALING Honda partner for the manufacture of Honda engines used on the Chinese market : 125-JH156FMI

YX, the factory which has imposed its pit bike engines to 90% of the market : 88-1P47FMI, 125 153FMI, 1P56FMJ 140, 149-1P56FMJ-5, 150-1P60FMJ

ZONGSHEN, a very large group with processes industrial very rigorous : 150 and 160 1P60YMJ

SHINERAY,  factory specialized in vertical engine that works on the 250 cooling liquid since 2009. They manufacture engines and motorcycles, it is a heavy weight in industrial terms.

ZUNRUN, the last one open 2 years ago with a full new factory. The engineers come form YX and Zongshen. The good point is the boss like the motorbike race !

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Frame parts

Under the  dirt bike word it distinguish between two families : the pit bike and dirt bike

Pit bikes are rather small bikes with 10, 12 or 14 inch diameter rear wheels.

You differentiates the smallest with a swinging arm in the shape of triangle that is named "cantilever"

Dirt bike are rather bigger bike with 17 to 18" rear wheels




MX clothes 2F-dirt-bike-store

MX clothes 2F

The technical motocross clothes 2F Two Friends are designed in France.

Unique design each client can validate its own design. Follow a trend or create its own trend, one-2F Two Friends allows the customization opportunity.
Used by many competing pitbike riders like Kevin Llamas and Gauthier Gourjault, new friends are joining 2F-Two Friends in MX, MX Side-Car, Supercross, Freestyle, BMX, mountain biking and Rally-Raid.
Tested in all conditions, quality pants, suits and gloves motocross 2F-Two Friends is the best for the price.



Topic to find the pit dirt bike parts that it did not store elsewhere :)

F.A.Q. :  help to be able to use longer your dirt bike

How to adjust the valve clearance, how to adjust a carburetor, how to maintain and tighten the spokes of wheel, how to reassemble an engine pit bike.

Microfiche for help in the positioning of the parts on your bike

Parts no more available to help you to recognize a assignments even if it is not available from us.



Technical service-dirt-bike-store

Technical service

How to set the valve clearance, how to repair a tire, how adjust the wheel spokes, how to set his suspensions, how to lubricate the chain, how to change a piston, how to tune an engine ?



Until end of stocks


Remember, pit bikes are bikes intended for approved.tracks

It is forbidden to use on public roads.

The european specialist for Pit Bike spares

Spare parts are sorted by family: engine, frame, racing parts, 1 euro, equipment.
Manufacturer for our Engine: Yx, Tokawa? Daytona, Lifan, Zongshen
Type of engine: 1P54FMI, 1P52FMI, 1P55FMJ, 1P56FMI, 1P56FMJ, 1P60FMJ, 1P60FMH, 153FMI.
In the pit bike engines, we have the parts: Engine top down engine, engine gasket.
You will find many items such as nuts clutch, Tokawa racing. A lot of models for pistons and seals dirtbike motor horizontal.

We work hard to offer suspension (shock absorbers and forks) more efficient and reliable. We try on the track with many riders.

Section includes some racing special parts to increase performance of your bike pit bike: internal rotor, carburetor Keihin, Mikuni,Molk and other high compression piston camshaft racing.

We offer also some specials parts from the service development UPower.

Our prices are always the lowers. If not to let us know.

Pit bikes are not registered on the public road. Their use is restricted to approved track For your safety use helmets, goggles and protective clothing

Take care.

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