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Engine set-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

Engine set

Pit bike engine brands are no many. It should be noted firstly that the frame attachment points are all the same, it is very easy to change one engine for another.

The Lifan brand has a little bit down the performance range, but continues to deliver some very good engine 125. Take care there are a lot of fake sold under Lifan brand name.

The Japanese Daytona manufactures its engine in China from ZongShen factory. There is no warranty from them, there are alone to do no warranty and there are not the most reliable !

UPower is a french engine engineering office working to upgrade the engines since 2000. They prooved on the races since a lot of time.

Starting from 2014 some of their engines will be made directly from a full new manufacture under the brand name TOKAWA. There are for not the most reliable and the most powerfull.

cylinder head/valves-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

cylinder head/valves

Engine Dirt bike parts located upper the cylinder.

Cylinder head complete, valve, cam shaft, valve spring, rocker are the main available

cylinder/piston-dirt-bike-store-Engine part


The piston is identified by the cylinder bore easier to measure. The second point is the diameter of its pin to connect on the rod. Then the shape of his head. There is no risk of being wrong if you take care of dismount before ordering your parts,

low eng./gear box-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

low eng./gear box

Identify a gear box without looking on type mark on the right crankcase, under the engine output, is very difficult.

A little difference as a 0.25 mm washer over thick enough to block all.

Attention to take care of do not disassemble the shaft without note the position every parts is very important

carb / Filter-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

carb / Filter

Carburetors are identified by their size, to the "venturi" is to say the passage of the valve. The smallest passage. Beware many title are false by writting about the exit diameter.

The fixing is quite simple — two screw with a width of 48 mm (any carb from 18 to 30) or a clamp of a flange rubber diameter 33 mm (24 to 28 mm Mikuni and Keihin any carburetor)

ignition/left cover-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

ignition/left cover

All the covers have the same screw position. Assemble with a gasket is not obligatory but avoided that water doesn't fit when you wash the bike

engine gaskets-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

engine gaskets

Compare the head cylinder stud position gaskets to be clear between those for CRF and chinese postion

Gaskets clutch cover is different depending on start kick if you need to be on neutral to start

HONDA CRF 50-dirt-bike-store-Engine part


50/70/88/107/110 Tokawa - Lifan-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

50/70/88/107/110 Tokawa - Lifan

147FMF, 1P47FMF, 152FMH, 1P52FMH, 1P52FMF, 1P52FMI-H (107 electric start), ZS147FMF-A

88 YX 147FMF-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

88 YX 147FMF

engine dirt bike YX 88 cm3 type 147FMF (type is printed on the left crancase under the engine output sprocket)

cylinder head, piston, transmission primary and gaskets are common to other 88 Lifan and ZongShen

gear box is specific



88-2S UPower-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

88-2S UPower

Engine assembled on request by UPower. A great ease of use compared to the 4 valves.

According to the type of ride the time on a round may be identical with this greater facilitates.

Version 110 valid also

88-4S UPower-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

88-4S UPower

Engine assembled on request by UPower

110cc also available

125 Lifan 1P54FMI-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

125 Lifan 1P54FMI

Engine start only on neutral : 125-1P54FM (cylinder alu), 1P52FMI-K (Iron cylinder)

125 YX 153FMI-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

125 YX 153FMI

Able to start on any gear

140 Tokawa  -YX -dirt-bike-store-Engine part

140 Tokawa -YX

idem UPower 140, YCF 140

149 Tokawa  - YX -dirt-bike-store-Engine part

149 Tokawa - YX

Idem UPower 149, YCF 150-5

Daytona 150 2 valves-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

Daytona 150 2 valves

2 valves 150 Daytona

150/160/170 Tokawa - YX  -dirt-bike-store-Engine part

150/160/170 Tokawa - YX

1P60FMJ, 1P60FMJ-2, 1P60FMJ-10, 1P60FMK


150-4S Tokawa - UPower-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

150-4S Tokawa - UPower

Engine assembled by UPower since 2009. Used by 80% of the french riders in pit bike race.

Its particularity is its wide range of use, maximum efficiency.

Power and reliability are working simultaneously

Vertical engine-dirt-bike-store-Engine part

Vertical engine

LIFAN CG (pushrod) air cooled 156FMI-2H, LIFAN water cooled 156MI-2, TIANZONG TZH157FMI, YX, ZONGSHEN

Lifan CB serie (head camshaft) 156FMI

The engine type on the dirt bike is moulded on the crankcase under the output gearbox shaft.

Pit bike engines were all architecture inspired by the Honda Dax from the years 1970. The advantage is that the fixing points in the framework are all the same which ensures the perfect interchangeability.

LIFAN, the historic factory for pitbike engine : 88-147FMI, 125-1P52FMI, 120-1P52FMI-K, 125-1P54FMI, 138-1P54FMI, 1P55FMJ-140, 150-1P56FMJ

DUCAR, factory who sign early licensing with Honda but that was closed in 2009 : 125 - DJ154FMI, 140-DJ156FMI

Plant historically, JIALING Honda partner for the manufacture of Honda engines used on the Chinese market : 125-JH156FMI

YX, the factory which has imposed its pit bike engines to 90% of the market : 88-1P47FMI, 125 153FMI, 1P56FMJ 140, 149-1P56FMJ-5, 150-1P60FMJ

ZONGSHEN, a very large group with processes industrial very rigorous : 150 and 160 1P60YMJ

SHINERAY,  factory specialized in vertical engine that works on the 250 cooling liquid since 2009. They manufacture engines and motorcycles, it is a heavy weight in industrial terms.

ZUNRUN, the last one open 2 years ago with a full new factory. The engineers come form YX and Zongshen. The good point is the boss like the motorbike race !

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