260mm-> used on a cantilever type suspensions pitbike (inclined +/-45°)

270mm -> YCF START 125-S 2014 and PILOT 2015

275 mm-> Pitsterpro X4, X5, X6, MX and to grow up the YCF 2015

285mm-> to enhance a pitbike in shock 275mm. On balance going down the tubes of forks in the triple clamp

290 mm-> idem above

300 mm-> Apollo AGB29

310mm-> YCF START F125 2014, PILOT 2013, 2014 -> can easily be replaced by a 315mm

315 mm-> BUCCI BR1-F6 and F15

330 mm-> YCF FACTORY SP1, SP2, SP3 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

356 mm-> PITSTERPRO LXR UPower

360 mm-> Apollo / Kayo


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