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Lifan was founded in 1992, based in Chongqing. It has more than 14000 employees in 2008.

The Group produced bicycles, automobiles and engines. In 2006, 1.33 million two-wheelers and 254 000 engines

Their engines are reliable and good value for money

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Zongshen was founded in 1992 and has more than 18,000 employees. It is one of the five leading motorcycle manufacturers in China.

they are currently in partnership with Harley Davidson, Piaggio and the
Japanese Daytona

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Yin Xiang is one of the top 5 dirt bike motor manufactures in China. They came on this business at end but with the effort they did to do right they became the leader now.

They are very fast ot improve theire engines


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the Daytona brand is best known in Japan for parts to improving small cubics.

In pit bike they had the good idea to offer very attractive price on high-performance engines by manufacturer in China.

Their 150 2 valves has been much appreciated but they had stoped its production in 2012.

The 4 valves showed in 2011 make some time to proove its quality...


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Powerful engines with true improvements in terms of reliability and performance

Pit bike engine brands are no many. It should be noted firstly that the frame attachment points are all the same, it is very easy to change one engine for another.

The Lifan brand has a little bit down the performance range, but continues to deliver some very good engine 125. Take care there are a lot of fake sold under Lifan brand name.

The Japanese Daytona manufactures its engine in China from ZongShen factory. There is no warranty from them, there are alone to do no warranty and there are not the most reliable !

UPower is a french engine engineering office working to upgrade the engines since 2000. They prooved on the races since a lot of time.

Starting from 2014 some of their engines will be made directly from a full new manufacture under the brand name TOKAWA. There are for not the most reliable and the most powerfull.

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